Wrench Time

using the RPM method to manage maintenance

Inventor's Workshop

Why is maintenance always redesigning equipment ? 
 "I believe it's because 50 % of all maintenance people are related to Thomas A. Edison."

Inventor's web sites

US patent office... 

Inventor fraud... http://www.inventorfraud.com/ 

European Patent office... http://worldwide.espacenet.com/?locale=en_EP

Physics, Chemistry and Math
"PDF" Handbooks in physics,thermodynamics, math, instrumentation and etc
Online Approved DOE Technical Standards   http://energy.gov
Click on "Offices" go to Office of Health, Safety and Security (HSS) is the Department of Energy’s (DOE)
Go to "Information Center" and Click on "DOE Technical Standards Program"
Click  on "Approved standards"

physics forums

Industrial physics web site



Math calculation


Alternate energy... http://www.altenergy.org/ 

NASA technical papers... http://www.nasatech.com/TSP2/cats.php

Steps for an sucessful invention

1.  Get an idea

2.  Write it down.

3.  Design it.

4.  Build it

5.  Calculate the cost
     A.  (+) costs...What you can sell the product for ?)
     B.  (-)  costs....  What it costs to design it, build it, ship it, market it , account it, lawyer it and etc. ?

6. When the (+) costs are greater than the (-)  costs?
 Patent it , Manufacture it, and Sell it !